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tips for choosing a kitchen bench top

Tips for choosing a kitchen bench top. Newgrove explains more often than not, the bench top is the feature piece of your kitchen. 

When choosing a kitchen bench top, “it pays to do your research,” says Sean Blood, the owner of Newgrove benchtops.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home and the choice of a bench top surface can have a lasting impression by transforming your kitchen to a stylish family hub.

“The bench top is likely to shape the rest of your kitchen choices, usually complementing the flooring, cabinetry, splash back, sink accessories and appliances,” says Sean.

“Being a feature piece, we find that people come in to our bench top showroom before even deciding on other elements of their kitchen.”

Whether it’s industrial, rustic, modern, contemporary, there’s a bench top to suit any look, but when choosing a bench top, there is not just the aesthetic appeal to consider, Sean explains.

 “Your budget may determine whether you go for natural stone such as marble or granite which can be very expensive in comparison to laminate, one of the more cost effective options,” he says.

“Laminate is made with layers of paper and resin over particle board and options include imitation stone and timbers, to high gloss, sleek matte and textured finishes and offers something suitable for every interior.”

“Most stone bench tops products are produced in standard sheet sizes of 3000 x 1400 meters so anything longer will require a join.”

For a seamless look, Sean suggests the option of a solid surface, because it can be joined inconspicuously.

“Solid surfacing is an acrylic resin with a filler of alumina. The brand Corian is used most often and can be thermo-formed for special design needs and some colours can be back-lit due to its translucency. Corian also gives the ability to mould your kitchen sink in the same seamless piece as your bench top,” Sean explains.

“If you’re looking for a black kitchen, the Fenix NTM uses nanotech super matt-material. It has an incredible resistance to scratches and abrasion and best of all, does not show fingerprints.”

A range of bench tops and samples are on display at the Newgrove Showroom at 68 Leather Street Breakwater.

As appeared in GC Magazine, Winter 2017.

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