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If there’s one thing businessman Sean Blood knows all about, it’s seizing opportunities.
The owner of Newgrove took over the business 25 years ago and is still committed to investing in the latest technology available and sourcing the best materials to meet customer needs.

Newgrove Joinery began manufacturing kitchen cabinets in the mid 1980’s. Starting out as an employee Sean was quickly promoted to manager. Only four years later, Sean and a fellow co-worker took the opportunity to purchase the Joinery.

Seeing the need for a Geelong benchtop specialist, they steered the business in that direction. The long hours put in during those early days paid off. As the business grew, they relocated to Newgrove’s current site in Leather Street, Breakwater.

Sean, now the sole owner of the business, has a team of over 20 people working at the purpose built premises. All benchtops are made on site in the immaculate and well-organised factory.

Newgrove caters to an extensive market that includes residential, retail, hospitality, health and education sectors. It also sells benchtops to home renovators offering plenty of advice and instruction booklets on how to measure and install your new benchtop.

With trending clean lines and simplicity, benchtops are an important part of any kitchen especially as the kitchen continues to blend into the homes living spaces.

The variety of materials used for benchtops is evolving and products are becoming more and more practical and hard wearing.

Newgrove is really excited to introduce a new award-winning product from Italy, the Nover Fenix NTM to their already extensive range of benchtop materials. Newgrove is the first in Geelong to offer Fenix NTM, using nanotech matt material, which is durable, hygienic and heat resistant.

“The surface has an incredible resistance to scratches and abrasion,” says Sean as he rubs the surface with a 20 cent piece and simply wipes away the marks.

“Best of all with Fenix NTM, the surface, even though it’s black, does not show fingerprints.”

And, benchtops are getting thinner. The Fenix NTM is only 1.2mm thick, presenting a new concept in benchtops.

“Following the lead from Europe, the matt look is quickly trending, so with its super matt and soft touch surface, Fenix NTM is already a favourite with Interior Designers,” says Sean.

A new Fenix NTM kitchen benchtop is now on display to look, touch and feel at the inspirational Leather Street Showroom conveniently open 6.30am to 4.30pm Monday – Friday.

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